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Live Event Painting

I am based in Dallas, Texas but have traveled all over, painting wedding ceremonies, receptions and other events. When I began painting ‘live events’ 11 years ago, I discovered that creating art on-site becomes a shared experience that adds to and enriches an already special celebration. I'm hopeful that live event painting becomes an American tradition and not just a trend as I love the idea of incorporating fine art into our every day lives, similar to Degas and Manet who offered a glimpse into the lives of the average Parisian in the 19th century.

Europeans have been documenting important events with paintings for hundreds of years, including weddings. They call it ‘Wedding Portraiture’. Many European wedding portraits were painted on-site and finished in studios. Art historian, Amanda Severn has collected a handful of beautiful examples of early wedding paintings in Europe, here. Strangely enough, she says that tradition has gone by the wayside in Europe, while in America, ‘Live Event Wedding Painting’ or ‘Live Event Painting’, has exploded. Today, Americans can choose from a variety of artists, styles and price points, so I recommend finding one that speaks to you. 

Live Event Painting offers a unique and beautiful way to capture special occasions such as weddings, receptions, birthday parties and corporate events. Having an artist at your event adds an elegance to your soirée that will leave your guests swooning. I still have many people at each event say they have never heard of this idea and they LOVE it! In addition, you receive a beautiful contemporary impressionist oil painting to treasure for years to come.

What is My Process?

Before a live event painting commission, I discuss with my client the 'scene' they would like painted, as well as key people they would like to include. I arrive at the event early to set up and begin blocking in architectural and design elements, including floral. As guests begin to arrive, I start adding in figures. I paint throughout the evening and take photographs as well, so that I can get a good likeness for the figures in my studio.

I use oil paints as opposed to acrylic or watercolor. Other than tempera or fresco, oil is the oldest, most traditional medium of painting and allows for an exquisite, textured finish. Oil paintings take several days to dry and achieve the most stunning results when applied in layers. In my studio, the first layer from your event will dry and I will add several additional layers and details before it is finished. The first layer painted at your event is beautiful, loose and painterly, covering the entire canvas and could be a finished piece on its own.

Who you decide to include in your painting is completely up to you, but some suggestions are both sets of parents, grandparents, siblings, children in the wedding and some or all members of the wedding party. Many brides are keeping it simple and just including parents and siblings or even just a beautiful portrait of the bride and groom. 

I am always open to new ideas, so please don’t hesitate to talk with me about doing something different with your painting. It could be a beautiful impressionist painting of a floral installation, arrangement or bouquet, or a still-life painting of an exquisite table setting at your reception.

Live Event Painting Package
For pricing, please click here.

Click here for additional pricing. 

Please call or email to check availability. 

Square shapes and gallery wrapped canvases are also available. 

- Original oil painting on 100% cotton canvas
- Pre-event meeting or phone consultation
- 5 hours attendance and live painting at your event
- 6 hours studio time for additional layers, polishing and finalization 
- Travel costs within 30 miles of Dallas, Texas
- Shipping and insurance are included, if outside of D/FW area 

I request a 50% deposit to book your date.  The balance is due one week before the event.

I am located in Dallas, Texas however, depending on the date, I may be available to travel.  Travel expenses are additional to the package price.  


Paintings from Photographs 
If the date of your event has already passed, I can work from your photos.  Click here for pricing. I'm happy to search through your photographer's link to help you find the photos that would make the best painting. Call or email me to discuss.

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